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    Enrollment open. Academic year 2024-2025

  • Welcome to Montessori

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    Academic year 2023-2024

  • Welcome to Montessori


    July 2024

    In JULY the Montessori Infant School of Alicante carry out its traditional "Summer School".
    If you want more information or register your child, please contact us.

About Us

About Us

At the Montessori School we focus on children, their individual needs and interests, and awaken their curiosity to learn.

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We have more than 4000m² of facilities: gardens, bioclimatic classrooms, sports center, swimming pool, etc. where children can exercise their potential.

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At Montessori Nursery School we offer different services to adapt to the needs of our students and their families.

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Why Montessori

Our method

Imagine a school where your child is the most important, where they are respected and listened to. For this reason, the Alicante Montessori School offers an educational program for children from 0 to 3 years old based on Montessori pedagogy. Where children learn with desire, to be independent and autonomous, capable of resolving conflicts in a civilized way, supportive and empathic, and love everything they do and do it for themselves.

  1. Montessori Methodology - Prepared Environment
  2. 2500 m² of nature - Bioclimatic classrooms
  3. We are different

What our clients think

Authorized education center
The center is authorized by the Department of Education, Research, Culture and Sports and support CHILD GRANT.
Montessori has more than 4,000 m², 2,500 m² are gardens with ecological gardens and 2 swimming pools
UNESCO Associated School
A quality education leads the Montessori School to become part of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network.
The Best Nursery School of Alicante
The work, dedication, perseverance and enthusiasm mean that we have received the award for the best nursery school in the province of Alicante, being among the four best in Spain.

Story Of Success

Our history

In 1984 the First Montessori School of the Comunidad Valenciana was born in Alicante, a project of enthusiasm, dedication and respect for children inspired by an innovative and international methodology "the Montessori method".
This educational project, together with ideal facilities for the development of the child surrounded by nature, where lighting prevails with its bioclimatic classrooms, schoolyard and outdoor life, have been a success since the first year of its inauguration. Since then, thousands of children have made Montessori their home in one of the most beautiful places for childhood and families.

In 2016, our commitment to the happiness of children, our values, methodology and our own educational project made Montessori the first nursery school in the Comunidad Valenciana to be associated with UNESCO. Today Montessori has the experience and strength to continue growing and accompanying children, well the success would not be possible if the past was not remembered, but living in the present and looking to the future.

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